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An idea, a product, a start.

#empowering creativity #sharing is loving #art tech #waimer #wol

· Augmented Reality,Machine Learning,WOL

WAIMER (verb): Association of the W letter with the verb "AIMER" (To love in French), action which gives of the power at an emotion.

waimer (name): Artist, man, woman who knows or learns to honor creativity -unlimited human potential-.

WAIMER is also a Parisian startup, born by the desire to enlighten talents.
By seeking to materialize a numeric creation in physical space, we have found a way to sublimate a photo, a video, a 3D creation -with WOL: an object and an augmented reality experience-.

WOL, Way-Of-Light.

Daniel, craftsman in the French Jura, near the Switzerland mountains, has been working for more than 30 years for the French luxury, he has magnified our prototype. Made of walnut -symbol of human intelligence-, and of cristal -emblem of purity- WOL is protected, as an egg, by two graphic shelves in sycamore: the WOL box is numbered, it certifies its authenticity.

Star Trek lovers, WELCOME in our world!

WOL's experience is futuristic.

With a gesture, you scan the object (as a QR code), an image appears in augmented reality, the creation merges with the real world -sublimated by this new dimension-.
You are connected and disconnected: in immersion !

WOL is an ART TOY, simply conceived to create out of the box.

WOL pre-order price = 130 euros / The delivery is scheduled for September, 28th.

Test by two & Get 70€ of reduction with the code BETALOVER2018!


- To view a creation with an augmented reality experience

- To send/receive a picture on real-time

- To memorize a gallery (200 pictures hosted on OVH)

We want to gather our first users: the product's beta-lovers, to test: WOL's recognition, creation's display in the environment, real-time sharing (the latest technologies -i.e. machine learning, augmented reality- used for the app development).

You are a visual artist, and want to share your work with a sensorial experience, create an illusion of reality: we work with you to enlighten your talent.

If you have any question, please contact:

Thank you very much for your help;

We will build an art tech world together!


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