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He dreams "to augment cats".


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We're in the middle of the summer, so it's more like humor and lightness that I share this story - which does not detract from the importance it has today in the continuation of our project.

After several months of work, multiple tests, the stress of demo bugs, misunderstanding of the software failure, the veil rises, the truth is confusing: The developer dreams « to augment « cats.

When you know the elusive nature of the feline, you understand the complexity of the exercise in which the man embarked ... and how the budget of our app. has disappeared.


Indeed, in January 2018, we planned to launch in the coming months, a product WOL: the concept is simple, the user scans with an application, an object (like a QR code) and visualizes a work in augmented reality.

To lead this development, we seek the help of an expert. Convinced that he will produce a high quality experience, the moment of pleasure we seek, we meet his needs. Attentive, we realize at his request more than 1000 photos of the product to train the machine learning technology to recognize the object.

But this investment is not enough to turn our cat into a super matou!

Fortunately, after listening well to our product, and found that for the moment, he was not purring. Meow: A solution has appeared!

We are ready to continue the development.

150 orders of WOL will allow us to launch the production of the application and we will deliver the physical cubes in September 2018.

WOL, Way-Of-Light:

WOL is above all a design object that intrigues and arouses curiosity, made in the French Jura by a craftsman who has given a timeless signature to an avant-garde product.

Low-tech connected object, without wifi, without battery: WOL honors human creativity, it combines a 5 cm walnut cube and a crystal cube, respectively to evoke the hand and the eye.

The heart of the product is a mixed reality experience available on an iOS app.

With WOL, nomadic device, we offer our users to share, with those they love, their photos. Each creation takes on a new dimension: the photo leaves the frame of the screen to merge with reality. It's an unique moment, visual and immersive!


1- To view a creation with an augmented reality experience.
2- To send/receive a picture
3- To memorize a picture gallery (200 photos hosted on OVH)

WAIMER is also the project to give a weekly appointment to our users with the experience of digital artworks, to push the limits of the imagination by developing new tools for creating online.

THANK YOU very much for your reading, curiosity and support. 😍🌈😍

Sophie Lacombe

I'm a WAIMER (W as Wired, AIMER as AIMER: TO LOVE in French)

credit @banksy

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