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5 months later...


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Today, is a very special day! A blue stone on our road.

We are really happy to announce the results of the contest "WIN a WOL" organized during the LAVAL VIRTUAL show.

5 months have passed, but we remember the time shared together.

Your interest, enthusiasm, remarks made us want to persevere.


So, the winners* are:

Cécile Boivin

Laure Sabler

Anaele Fouchault

Gwenaël Viguier

Bertrand Brunet

Franck Hernoux

Robin Gueguen

Grégoire Frapsauce

Jean-Baptiste Pivert

Loïc Renaud

Congrats! ❤️

We take advantage of this news, to thank also Loïc Bremme, editor-in-chief of, who during his stop to the WAIMER booth showed comprehension and benevolence: I was stressed, WOL's prototype was: How to say? -functional with a lot of oral explanations-. This did not dampen his support, please read:

LAVAL VIRTUAL- 5 days during which the medieval city becomes a colorful and daring cyber place for professionals and the public - next edition, SAVE THE DATE // 20-24 march, 2019 -

#sharing is loving




*Dear waimers, we will contact you beginning of September to organize wol's shipment.

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